How many skin care products are out there that claim to brighten and smooth skin? More than we have time to count. How do you know which one is right for you? Honestly, we can’t answer that. You have to decide for yourself. We believe in all of our products, and the ones on this page are our best for what they do. You can find products that cost more, and products that cost less. All we can say is that ours are true to our mission of using the active elements of the ocean for your benefit. We don’t promise instant results but used regularly, we are sure you will notice the difference. Click here to browse our products that brighten and smooth.


Skin becomes dry and dull because of many things. In our everyday life, it is because of harsh cleansers (commercial lathering soaps are major contributors), environmental stressors (we all love sunshine, but too much is not a good thing), and of course our diet. We can’t turn off the sun, and most of us watch what we eat, but we can do more to help skin. Choose products that help your skin rejuvenate itself and stay hydrated. We can’t make you live forever, but Ocean Rescue’s formulas will help make the time you have more comfortable. Click here to browse products that help with dry and dull skin.

Loss of Firmness

Certain of our algae have rich polysaccharides to strengthen tissues. Our formulas are designed to add volume, help the skin retain moisture, and improve elasticity. Vitamin esters help rid the skin of old cells. Natural yeast peptides support the production of collagen, one of the most abundant proteins in the body. The products on this page, when used consistently, will begin to make a noticeable difference in skin tone in about four weeks. Click here to browse products that help with loss of firmness.


Oily and blemished skin types need special attention. Balancing oil production, purifying clogged pores and restoring a smooth even skin tone is achieved through a gentle but effective skin care regimen. These treatments are formulated to visibly diminish the appearance of enlarged pores and redefine skin’s texture. Click here to browse products for oily and blemished skin.


We take sensitive seriously. These products are all about moisturizing and hydration. Start with our Botanical Balancing Cleanser. It’s gentle, hydrating formula will leave you feeling like you’ve just left the spa. Energize your skin with our new Astaxanthin Radiance Elixir. Protect and moisturize with our Ultra-light SPF Moisturizer and stay hydrated throughout the day with our All Day Hydrating Mist. Do you need all of these products? Of course not, but we leave the choice to you. We hope this web site gives you all the information you need to decide. Click here to browse products designed for sensitive skin.