The Ocean Rescue Signature Series

Thought Leadership by the Experts

Ocean Rescue strives for excellence in all that we do, and wherever we can, we inject a bit of humor so that no one here takes themselves too seriously.

But, as with our products, our Signature Series seeks to set the standard for excellence.  We make that happen by seeking out the advice and guidance of experts in the fields of thalasso therapy, dermatology, formulaic compounding of ocean-based actives, and product manufacturing.  We want these papers and videos to be presented in a manner that bridges the gap of understanding between the science of skin care and its practical application to your well-being.

Our first guest expert is Dr. Ansul Noor, a medical doctor certified in Dermatological Science.  She writes on several topics and makes her home in Canada.  We are also pleased to host Dr. Mark Edwards, a professor of Environmental Resource Management at Arizona State University’s Fulton School of Engineering.  Dr. Edwards has written extensively on the subject of algae.  Also part of our Series is an interview with Dan Fryda.  Mr. Fryda brings decades of experience in the field of formulaic compounding for ocean-based active ingredients and commands a rich history of the world’s different seaweeds.  We hope you enjoy reading and listening to these experts.


Marine Algae and its Unique Role in Skincare – Dr. Ansul Noor
The effects of aging, preventative processes, and the role of marine macroalgae

An Introduction to Algae – Dr. Mark Edwards
The basics of understanding algae and seaweed; where it comes from and why it has therapeutic properties

An Interview with Daniel Fryda by Cindy Ross, Owner of Skin Tech Micro Labs
A discussion with the creator of Ocean Rescue’s formulas, about 9 minutes

Skin Restoration from the Sea – Dr. Ansul Noor
The science of seawater and its use in thalasso therapy