Our goal at Ocean Rescue is to bring the power of the ocean to the palms of your hands. We have worked to develop formulas that harness the incredible natural properties of seaweed, and the minerals and nutrients of seawater into all of our products. Seaweeds are one of the most sustainable organisms on the planet. They grow in every ocean and cover more than 70% of our planet. Unlike land-based plants, seaweeds live in the water that surrounds them and need only sunlight to survive. Ocean water and sunlight are our two most abundant natural resources. In this part of our website, we introduce you to each of our products. We’ve broken them down into four categories. You will find information on our Cleansers and Mists , Serums, Exfoliators and Masks, and Moisturizers and Gels. As we develop new products, we'll list them here first.

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