Oxygen-rich Marine Facial for Age Defense

Oxygen-rich Marine Facial for Age Defense


The leading role in this treatment is played by a super-saturated serum that carries pure oxygen directly to the surface of the skin.  Vitamin C esters, seaweed extracts, liquid oxygen, and trace elements combine to repair damage to the dermal collagen matrix. Essential oils, laminaria, and porphyra algae rich in antioxidants combine to detoxify connective tissues and neutralize toxins and free radicals. The result is instant volume, cell renewal, and a visible reduction in the signs of aging.

Begin by using the complementary Botanical Balancing Cleanser to thoroughly cleanse, refresh, and hydrate the face and neck.  Pat dry, and shake the Oxygenated Marine Complex to combine the triple layer protection.  Gently massage a few drops of the clear liquid and allow a few minutes for the Complex to absorb into the skin’s surface.  Follow with a light application of the Marine Firming Cream, a luxurious silky moisturizer.  Finish with a few drops of Vitamin C Eye Serum around the delicate skin surrounding the eyes.

When purchased separately, these products are about $342.00.  Save over 20% and purchase together for $270.00.  Your price includes free 2-day shipping and a complementary Botanical Balancing Cleanser, itself a $37.50 value.  Your savings with this Experience is well over $100.00.

Products Included:

  • Vitamin C Eye Serum
  • Marine Firming Cream
  • Oxygenated Marine Complex
  • Bonus Product: Botanical Balancing Cleanser