Marine Glow Skin Brightening

Marine Glow Skin Brightening


This is a full facial therapy – an invigorating treatment that uses an exfoliant, a nourishing Vitamin C serum, and an SPF 30 moisturizer.  We include a complementary full-size ReFresh Marine Cleanser to begin the treatment.  It all works together to refine sensitive, delicate skin and stimulate blood circulation.  Enriched Vitamin C esters and marine plant extracts are natural botanical skin lighteners to enhance skin luminosity and cellular health.  These products combine to form a powerful boost to all skin types, especially skin that has suffered from over-exposure to the sun or other environmental stressors.

Begin the treatment with our ReFresh Marine Cleanser.  It is full of anti-oxidant marine ingredients.  The formula is green and contains no artificial lathering ingredients.  The color reflects the natural sea-based extracts that make it so effective.  After cleansing, you may pat dry, or move directly to the exfoliant stage using the MicroPearl Exfoliator.  This exfoliant uses only natural ground pearl crystals and pumice.  You will never find artificial environmentally damaging microbeads in any of our products.  Gently massage the face with exfoliant for at least 2 minutes before rinsing.  Your skin will feel refreshed and renewed.  Pat dry and apply a light layer of Marine+ Vitamin C Serum.  Allow the serum to absorb for about 5 to 10 minutes and finish with a second light layer of Ultra-light SPF 30 Moisturizer.  We suggest a full treatment once to twice weekly, and use the SPF 30 Moisturizer daily.

The value of this Experience when purchased separately is over $182.00.  Now sold together, the price is $159.00 and includes a complementary ReFresh Marine Cleanser; an additional value of $39.50.  You save $63.00 plus for a limited time, enjoy free 2-day shipping.

Products Included:

  • Ultra-light SPF 30 Moisturizer
  • MicroPearl Exfoliator
  • Marine+ Vitamin C Serum
  • Bonus Product:  ReFresh Marine Cleanser