Ocean-Rescue-Ingredients-v2-62Want to know a bit more about what’s in our products and what is not in them? You’ve come to the right place. Listed in this section, in alphabetical order, are most of the ingredients we use, from seawater to seaweed, from allantoin to vitis vinifera.  You will learn about Jack-jump-up-and-kiss-me and Eye of Newt. We have even thrown in a few lines of Shakespeare and a recipe or two.  We’ve tried to make this section as informative, and sometimes entertaining, as possible. We have scoured hundreds of websites to learn about all this stuff. We have put everything into our own words, sometimes doing only one or two ingredients a day. Almost all of what we learned was found on Wikipedia, and just about all of our images are licensed from iStockPhoto.  A few of them we took ourselves. We also often found ourselves reading information on healthcare sites or university and research databases.

Witches Brew?  Really?  How about what is NOT in our formulas?  “I’d much rather wash my face with chocolate than with plastic.”  That quote got our attention.  It’s from researcher Sherri Mason, an associate professor of chemistry at the State University of New York, Fredonia.  Read on.

What is she talking about?  Have you heard of micro-plastics?  These are tiny spherical particles of polyethylene also referred to as micro-beads, and are often used in cosmetics and toothpastes. These little guys are bad news for everyone.  They are so small, they pass right through municipal water systems, ending up back in the environment and our oceans.  The worst part is, they almost never disappear. Sadly, these man-made elements are beginning to make their way into our food-chain.  You can read more about micro-beads and Dr. Mason in this piece done by NPR.  Ocean Rescue formulas, in particular our exfoliants, use only natural ground pearl and pumice crystals, never artificial poly-anything.  We are also working on bamboo exfoliants.  We’ll let you know as they are introduced.

We’ve barely scratched the surface on what’s available out there, but you can see how long our list is. If you’d like to do more of your own research, head to our Research/Links section and take your pick of our resources.