Active Elements of the Ocean

Why are Ocean Rescue products different? Everything we make uses elements of the ocean – seaweeds, algae, botanicals, nutrients, and even the water – to create unique and effective products. The ingredients are natural and sustainable resources. Our seaweed is carefully harvested from the cold, clean waters of the Atlantic by certified suppliers in Brittany, Canada, and Iceland.

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Marine Algae and Seaweed

First, let’s talk about algae and seaweed. Why two different words for the same thing? The difference is quite simple. Algae is Latin for seaweed, or more correctly, Alga. All seaweeds are algae, but not all algae’s are seaweed. Algae is found everywhere – literally everywhere. It lives on land, in water, under the ice, even in you. At last count, there were some 72,500 types of algae out there, but no one can say for certain. Read More

Minerals, Nutrients, & Salts

Okay, now it’s time for a quick chemistry lesson. Most people know that table salt is known scientifically as sodium chloride. And some know that magnesium sulfate is also known as Epsom salt. Epsom is a town in England where natural springs bubble up this salt. Now, Epsom salt is also known as bath salt. When it is dissolved, it is easily able to penetrate the skin’s surface which is why it is so popular when used for that purpose. Read More

Trace Elements

Remember in the last section when we added up the percentages of all the salts and minerals in seawater? It came to 99.85%. What about the other 0.15%? For the most part, the composition of this tiny fraction of a percent includes what are known as trace elements. Just about all the natural elements in the periodic table make up the trace elements, so to make this section readable, we’ll stick to ones we believe are most important to the healthy role they play in the functioning of our body. Read More